Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't you love the Alabama weather?

Some mornings you wake up and there's frost on the cars. Other mornings you need short sleeves. I really can't stand this time of year. This morning it was cool, but not bone chillingly cold, so I opted for an elbow length sweater, no coat, which was fine for just going from car to office to car to house, etc. But our runner called out of work today, so the task of running errands falls to me. I chose, rather unwisely, to walk to the clerk's office instead of driving. Hey, it's only a block away, no harm. I can use the exercise. Little did I know that the wind is freezing! About halfway across the courthouse parking lot I realized I'd made a mistake not wearing a coat. Whoops. Too late to turn back.

I really don't mind walking to the clerk's office in nice weather. I just prefer to have feeling in my fingers when I get back.

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