Tuesday, March 31, 2009

They just don't cooperate sometimes...

This past Sunday was Youth Sunday at our church. You know, where the youth takes control of the whole service? Well, we had been practicing with the little ones on a couple of songs, prayers, etc. for a few weeks now on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights to get ready for Youth Sunday. At every practice Ally and Cammy both sang and danced and did everything they were supposed to do.

Come Sunday morning we get there for Sunday school to practice just one more time before the big program. First, Ally decides she doesn't want to do the motions to the Lord's Army; she just wanted to sing. Next, Cammy doesn't want to do anything except climb around on the steps. Danny got onto Cammy and she pouted up and wouldn't have anything else to do with practicing. The service rolls around, it's time for their first song, Cammy refuses to even go to the front of the church. She will not get out of Danny's lap. Ally actually goes to the front for the song but will not do anything! She just stood there; no singing, no dancing, nothing. Next song, same thing. Cammy will not go up, Ally will not sing.

After it was over I asked Ally why she didn't sing. Her response, "I just didn't want to sing." After weeks of practicing she just decided she didn't want to sing. Should she be this opinionated at 3 years old?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've had withdrawals...

So I actually auditioned for a show last night, for the first time since Ally was born, almost 4 years ago. I auditioned for Bus Stop. Hopefully I'll get a part. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I told you she was a logical one.

We were sitting at the table eating breakfast yesterday morning and Cammy was saying she was a girl and Ally is a girl and Mommy is a girl but Daddy is a boy. Danny says, "Yes, Daddy is outnumbered." So Ally, ever the logical child, says "Mommy are you in-numbered?" Yes, my child is a genius.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The things kids say...

Thus far in our 3 years of parenting we haven't had any embarrassing comments come from the mouths of our sweet little girls. Until now. I guess it's not as embarrasing as some people may have experienced, but it made me want to hide.

Since the weather was so pretty here last weekend we decided to take the girls to Noccalula Falls on Sunday afternoon. We were walking around the park, minding our own business, when we passed three people standing at a drink machine. There was a girl and two guys, one of which had a long ponytail. As we're walking past Ally starts pointing at him asking, "Mommy, is that a girl?" I could have crawled under a rock. I said, "Shh, Ally," and tried to hurry her along the path, but she refused to walk. She just kept asking over and over. The girl that was with them finally said, "No, it's not a girl." As soon as we got away I stressed to Ally how she shouldn't point and talk about people. She said, "But he had a ponytail." Ever the logical one, she is.

Friday, March 6, 2009

See, I forget...

I just forget about this thing. I told you I probably would. Let's see, it's Friday. Yay! But it's only 2:17 which means I have a little over three hours before I get to go home. Yuck. Not to mention that I have three tapes to do (one of which is horribly long). So I guess I really shouldn't be doing this. But I just wanted to say something so I don't completely give up on this thing.

Maybe I'll think of something interesting to say later. Gotta get busy doing actual work.